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Project Description

Chuck, owner of Clean-Coat, thought he could solve all his website problems with the GoDaddy website building service. When the GoDaddy site didn’t cut it he came to us for an upgrade! We were so happy to have the opportunity to build Chuck website from the ground up, and brand it with an entirely new logo and color scheme. His website features detail descriptions of his services and images of all his most recent work. He’s boosted his online reviews ten fold with help from our review print cards! We’ve also been able to deliver Clean-Coat new business with a booming AdWords account.

Project Details

AdWords, Logo Design, Print Work, SEO, Social Media, Website Design


"Two thumbs up to both Niecolas and Lauren on building me a beautiful new website from the ground up. You guys took great care in identifying my needs and desires. Your communication throughout the build phase was excellent and overall you made the entire process easy for me. The end result is a very user friendly site that is packed with great tools for tracking data and generating new business. You guys exceeded my expectations and I will highly recommend your services to friends, family and clients. Thanks so much for going above and beyond."